English 458 Topics in Linguistics

Topic: Research Methods

Dr. Lynn Gordon

Dr. Guy Carden

with a special guest appearance by Dr. Nancy Bell

The purpose of this class is to introduce a wide range of research methods in linguistics (many of which can be used in many social science and educational areas as well as linguistics).

Learning Objectives

At the end of this class, a student should be able to

    • read a wide range of linguistic research critically;

    • conduct research using multiple methods; and

    • draw up an effective research plan to address a particular question or hypothesis.


Short assignments and group projects = 60%

Proposal for primary research project (workshop and written proposal) = 40%

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Course Materials

The materials for this class will be made available to you via a Dropbox folder which you will be invited into. You will need a free Dropbox account to access the papers.

Schedule of Topics


1: Tu, 22 Aug, Th, 24 Aug

2: Tu, 29 Aug, Th, 31 Aug

3: Tu, 5 Sept, Th, 7 Sept

4: Tu, 12 Sept, Th, 14 Sept

5: Tu, 19 Sept, Th, 21 Sept

6: Tu, 26 Sept, Th, 28 Sept

7: Tu, 3 Oct, Th, 5 Oct


Introduction to linguistics, this class, research ethics (Gordon, Carden)

Overview of research methods used in linguistics (Gordon, Carden)

Field Methods (Gordon)

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